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I, Kate, am a Harvard-educated, Second City-trained comedy writer who teaches logic in my spare time. This is precisely why I am also still single. (Well, that and the fact that I live in Los Angeles.) I will use this space to share musings, observations, and all-too-true stories from my three decades (and counting) of adventures in love and storytelling. Thanks for reading! [Return to]


25 thoughts on “Meet the Geek

  1. itsgoodtobeyou

    Hey! I just have to say I already liked your Blog just reading the title “full-frontal-nerdity” followed by your picture 😉
    have a wonderful day

  2. Your blog looks fascinating 🙂 I think I shall be following you like how Moonglum of Elwher just decided to hang out with Elric of Melnibone in the Elric Saga 🙂 I hope you don’t mind…

    • That you! My first actually-produced feature film is going into production soon, so I will be sure to shout it from the rooftops once the release date is known. As for TV, so far the only thing that made it to airing was a show called Twenty-Six Miles, which became one of Hulu’s first original series. I’m not sure it’s even out there any more (it was five years ago). In the mean time, though, my old sketch group (called The 11th Hour) still has a channel on YouTube (look for our most viewed short, Te Outtakes of the Christ) and we were on a National Lampoon comedy album at some point. (Be careful- much of my sketch wrting is definitely not suitable for work.) Sorry I can’t steer you to more yet – but soon. And thanks for the interest!

    • Thanks! I admit, I’m not much of a gamer myself – mostly because I know with my obsessive tendencies that were I to start I would never stop (or finish anything else, ever again). Tetris was my first sign and I walked away before things got worse 🙂 I do indulge in spectating now and then, and I’m certainly interested in this current battle going on regarding sexism in the gamer world. (Frankly, it sounds pretty similar to the atmosphere in the comedy world, but online and with more stylized language.) Have you written about that? I’ll check out your blog!

  3. when i enter your page , your picture shows how comic you are , i know one think very clear , Be a good cooked for , you have to be a great food lover , its means you are happy girl since birth 😉 . i new on word press i hope i will fallow you to make a happy moment in my life keep it up

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