American Ginja(bread) Warrior


They say a picture’s worth 1,000 words, and I say time spent being creative with children is priceless. So let these pictures serve as explanation for why I didn’t write anything this week:

Ginja(bread) 1Ginja(bread) 2Ginja(bread) 3Ginja(bread) 5Ginja(bread) 4

Happy Christmas, Merry Holidays – and all that jazz – from Santa’s Worshop.


4 thoughts on “American Ginja(bread) Warrior

  1. This being Christmas Day., I thought I would weigh in. I am new to this scene and still learning the ropes. But I want to sincerely say that you are a master of the Title. Your titles are quite catchy. Merry Christmas. I do not know if you are a sports fan. My blog is intended to stretch beyond the love of games and examine deeper meanings than just the box score. I would really appreciate hearing from you.

    • Why thank you! I sometimes think that I started writing just to satisfy my love of the punny title – so it is nice to have it noticed and appreciated. And I DO LOVE sports, so I am happy to check out your blog! Happy New Year 🙂

      • Thanks for saying hello. I am hoping to publish a book in the spring about my hobbies. I am a history buff. I read James Michener and Leon Uris and Tom Clancey and many others. Jeff Sharrah is excellent. His father Michael Sharrah wrote a Pulitzer prize winner Killer Angels about the battle of Gettysburg. His son Jeff is an even better writer. He wrote the Last Full Measure and others about the War Between the States.
        Much to our chagrin as a species mankind loves war. But the good news is we have sports and board games to live out our impulses for world conquest vicariously. Weather it is the Olympics, the World Cup, the Super Bowl or in a more abstract way badminton or golf, every game is a substitute for the warrior in us all. Chess and checkers are obvious analogies. But whether it is Risk, “everybody wants to rule the world Tears for Fears, or Sorry every game is a war. Baseball is just a more abstract analogy then football. But the seriousness in which the sports fan approaches his hobby is intense. I buy several baseball periodicals every spring before the season even begins to bone up on the teams that will soon be in pursuit of the pennant.
        In modern times the male of the species does not have to worry about Apaches scalping his loved ones. Attila the Hun won’t be raiding my village. We don’t hunt dear to put food on the table anymore. We go off to our cubbyholes and make our Excel spread sheets and drive home telling ourselves we are still men. How do we cope? We follow our warrior quarterbacks on Monday night as they general their teams into enemy territory to capture the flag. This vicarious hero worship is healthy for us. We make war but nobody has to get killed.
        Finally Sport is war but, war is not sport. Our father saved the world from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. But in my lifetime America has fought in many wars yet every one of them undeclared. Some maniacs attacked the World Trade Center. Did we have to invade Iraq? Vietnam was fought with good intentions but 58000 Americans died for nothing. People go there on vacation now. Think long and hard before you commit to war. It isn’t a game.

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